“Welcome To My Garden Of  Eden,

Will You Resist The Forbidden Fruit!”

Findom Sophia

Welcome to findom Sophia’s professional findom site.

Many of you may know me as Mistress Sophie, let’s just say that findom Sophia is my nasty alter ego. Findom Sophia is a true divine bitch, that needs her every command to be fulfilled. You should know that I’m a real sadist, with a soft edge. I love to punish my male slaves, just because they are men. One of my favourite things to do is to put them in chastity. I truly believe that all men should be in chastity. ALWAYS. EVERYWHERE. The world would be a much better place. Wouldn’t you agree, my slave? I love it how my chastity slaves are so well-behaved and desperate to worship me. And for you, my slave, chastity also makes things very simple: just impress me with your gifts and tributes, and I just might be nice enough to allow you spill your nasty boy juice… but first you must promise me that you will consume it.
In this bizarre cash- and self-obsessed modern society, findom is the perfect form of escapism for piggies like you who struggle everyday. In the so called ‘normal’ world a guy like you will never get the opportunity to talk face to face with a divine Goddess like me. The only thing you can do is to jerk off to the pictures I sent to my most obedient and devoted followers. I know you would rather be spoken down to than being ignored entirely. But the only way for you to get my attention is by paying, and not just a little, because my time for sure is not cheap.

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