Destination Wedding at the Tuscanese medieval castle

It’s so crucial to constantly change things up, give your viewers and your clients something nouvelle look at and hopefully something they did not see coming. Flare is technically something that is incorrect. The people who make our lenses do everything they can to prevent us from getting flare! What do you think those horrid lens hoods are for?

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A Wedding on St. Patrick’s Day: Boston

The basic strategy you’ll need to use in taking silhouette photos is to place your subject (the shape you want to be blacked out) in front of some source of light and to force your camera to make its exposure based upon the brightest part of your picture (the background) and not the very...

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Adrenaline high wedding: the photos and videos

A recent new thing among many professional photographers is the use of Lens Flare. Simple in theory, it doesn’t take a lot of advanced knowledge to add this technique to your list of photographic tricks. A few recommendations will help you achieve your best Lens Flare capabilities without breaking into a sweat.

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