About Sophia Supremacy

I am Sophia, Findomme, Femme Fatale: the one you have always dreamed of, but also wishing you never met….
See deep into my dark brown eyes and dream about my curvy body, you will feel weak and trapped… as I will drain you for everything you have got. See, for me findom is so much more fun when my pay piggies are desperately crying.

I’ve been treated like a princess as long as I can remember, so don’t be surprised if I take it as a natural part of my life. I have always got things just as I have demanded. I have always lived a life of luxury, driving the nicest cars and going on the most expensive, exclusive holidays.

Because of this lifestyle my arrogance towards men has only grown. When men try to impress me, the only thing going through my mind is: ‘what could this guy offer me what I don’t already have?’. And believe me, my slaves, I have become very creative, when it comes to testing your devotion. So, I started playing with men because I couldn’t take them seriously anymore. I would demand them to only call me Princess or Queen, some would stare at me cluelessly like a deer in headlights, while others would just start to call me their Queen so naturally.

It was all just fun and games until my first real findom experience. It started at a party, where some random guy asked me if he could give me a tribute for my presence. I am familiar with you guys and your pathetic one-track minds, so naturally, as I wasn’t born yesterday, I assumed that his pathetic little dick was somehow involved in the equation when he proposed something like that. So, I did what any self respecting woman would do, and I told him to go fuck himself.

He went away, but as the night went on, and it was my turn to get us drinks, I walked up to him, full of confidence as only a sexy, divine woman like me can be, I placed my hand on his thigh and whispered in his ear: “if you want to tribute me, you will buy us a few bottles of the finest champagne this place has, and maybe… just maybe I will allow you to look at my sexy body from the other side of the club. Do we have deal, boy?”

And of course, he did what any man in his situation would, he bought some bottles of real champagne for me and my friends and got them delivered to our table, while the guy himself remained at the back of the club where he was sitting with his friends. My girlfriends didn’t mind as you can imagine, but I kind of got intrigued how this guy was just not expecting anything in return.

So as the night went on and my girlfriends and I drank 2500 euros worth of champagne, all on his expense of course. At the end of the night he had enough courage to approach me again, asking if he now could give me a tribute for my presence, suprised as I was I asked him why, because he already bought us 2500 euros worth of champagne. Then he told me that a woman as beautiful as me should never pay for anything in her life. Actually a woman like me should get paid just for making the world a better place.

I started to laugh and asked what is he getting out of it. But all he could say was: “I’m a man and serving a woman like you is all I am useful for in this life.” He actually then started to laugh as I looked at him, but then he said: “Just look at you. At first you told me to fuck off but now you are talking to me. Without my money, I am nothing, without my money I could never have any chance with a girl like you.” I stopped him and told him that even with his money he didn’t stand a chance, but I loved to hear what he was saying anyway. Somehow, I had always known that it was my destiny to be worshipped by devoted, selfless slaves, but that night it all became so clear to my young self. It really tickled my self-esteem to have that power over him and feel him recognize my worth. He gazed at me with his obsessed eyes, knowing that I truly meant when I said that even with his money, he stood no chance. However, at the end of the night he gave me another 500 euros to thank me for the most amazing night he got to spend with a beautiful Goddess like me. But instead of whining for a favour, he did something that really impressed me; he thanked me for one last time before he left and went home. No tantrums, no unsolicited hands trying to feel my divine body, no begging or pleas for favours. From that moment on nothing was ever the same for me again.

I started demanding money from random men I encountered with, telling them they were not worthy of my time, unless they really proved how they loved to spoil and pamper me. Before I realized, I was making more money than I could spend, because at the same time I was getting every part of my life paid for. Draining wallets and bank accounts, not because I needed it, but just because I could, and it sure was fun as hell, too! But also because of the adrenaline it gave me to see how much work these men had to put in, just to pay for their obsession: ‘ME’. As time went by, I became more and more skillful at playing with my pay piggies, while getting used to receiving more and more luxurious gifts more frequently. Let’s call these men victims of the femme fatale they wished they had never met, Findomme Sophia.