Home €1000 Monthly

No woman should ever be paying for her home, men are put on earth to pay for that and now it’s you lucky turn to pay for it my slave boy. Become my special little pet who pays for my house.

Car €450 Monthly

Every beautiful woman should drive a car that reflects her beauty. Can you imagine the feeling of seeing me driving a exclusive European luxury car which you will be paying for?

Pedicure €150 every two weeks

By adopting this bill, I’m sure it wakes up the foot fetishist in you. You like the idea of my beautiful sweaty feet being pampered after a long day of walking in high heels or designer sneakers. I know you feel weak when you are fantasizing about my sexy feet. The craving of paying my bill grows even more after reading this, so what are you waiting for adopt my bill lose yourself in the fantasy of pampering my feet.

Manicure € 150 every two weeks

I’m sure you have been watching my beautiful hands and extremely long fingers. You are dreaming about my hands touching you, but they never will. The closest you will ever get is by paying my manicure bill. You will get the great satisfaction of playing a part in the creation of these sexy and extremely mesmerizing hands.

Lingerie €100 weekly

The thought of me shopping lingerie with your money arouses you. I have a very expensive taste in lingerie From Agent Provocateur to Bordelle, and from Honey Birdette to Cristina Aielli. You will dream about my curvy sexy body covered in the lingerie you bought.

By adopting my bill you’ll get free access to my AVN stars