Become my slave

It might be your fantasy, but it’s MY lifestyle, just try to put that in your horny little head. My time is worth money and as a well-known Domina I do NOT waste my precious time in idle chit-chat. But don’t get me wrong. For my slaves who have already proven their worthiness, I give attention according to their dedication to worship their Queen. And surely, they will know their owner’s appreciation when they are in my presence.

Some get locked up in chastity, others let me control their bank accounts. There isn’t just one single way to prove your dedication. Be creative and make me feel like your Queen. I like that, slave. True devotion is what I expect, anything less just isn’t worth my time. As a first class Domina I already have a stable of many slaves to choose from, so make every minute I spend with you count because maybe it might just be your last time talking to me one on one. Impress me. Show me how you want to be my best slave, and I promise you it’s worth the effort. I’m a woman of fine taste, and I can already live the luxurious life I deserve. So I am asking: what do you bring to the table to stand out from those already sending me money and gifts? And just remember this: your money is wanted, not needed.

So, slave… If I deem you worthy of my most precious time, you can consider yourself truly a lucky slave. But remember, as your Queen, I will decide what you are entitled to. Always be on your best behavior and never demand anything from me and it will all be just so much more pleasant for both of us. Findom is so much more to me than just draining your bank accounts, as some of the amateur findoms see it. Money and gifts is just a medium for you to prove your devotion.

 Findom for me is pure control, not really doing anything, but still getting you to obsess over me, trying to buy my attention. I just love how pathetic you subs get after I drain you for everything you’ve got. And the funny thing is you started it, I’m just here to enjoy fulfilling your fantasy. I’m not the type of findom from whom you can expect anything in return, I will talk to you only if I feel like playing with your head, mindfucking you completely, just understand that sending me money doesn’t give you any power whatsoever.

I have so many slaves, but for you there is only one Queen. You’re not special, I am. Don’t forget that. So really think about getting involved with me, because once I get into playing with you there is no way to escape from it anymore.

My Rules:

  1. Attention is earned, not just given
  2. If I deem you worthy of my time, you are already one of the lucky ones
  3. Get your bank account ready for the day I will start mindfucking you
  4. You will show your gratitude and obey my every command without any complaints
  5. I’m not obliged to do anything for you, money sent is just a tribute to your Queen, not a transaction
  6. I love to receive gifts that are just so special, that I just can’t help but to share them with my followers on my social media page. But DO NOT expect it! If found worthy I may show it, so better make your gifts count.
  7. Being rude or whining will get you banned without doubt
  8. It’s your duty to please me, not the other way around