Let me get to know you because the more I know about you, the better I can let you to submit to me.

What is Keyholding?

Your cock controls your life, you should know that. With your cock locked up in chastity, you will be way more useful in life. You will be more focused on work, which means you can earn more money for your mistress. Just know when you are locked up I will have full control over it.

The first few days are easy, but the longer is stays on the more difficult it gets. The first days you will just be reminded of who is in charge of your cock, but after a few days you will start getting erections without a real inducement. You will start aching for me to take it off, but there is where it gets interesting, you will be constantly reminded of who is in charge!

Types of locks

Brass Lock

This is the method I prefer the most, you can’t take this lock off without the key. I can send you the lock in the post or I can send it to a nearby kiala point (costs extra). Then after the agreed time you can either extend you time, or I will send you the key on the first agreed time.

Plastic lock

‘ 50 euro, good behavior deposit needed’ These are more for my starters and are recommended for anyone who has to travel through airports or other security. The plastic locks are individually numbered. I will record the number before sending it to you. These locks can be cut off by yourself, but if you do it to early you lose your 50 Euro deposit.

Combination padlock

’50 Euro, good behavior deposit needed’ For some of you who are not sure if they are ready for this adventure I can advise the combination padlock. This lock requires a specific number sequence in order to unlatch the locking mechanism. Which I will install before sending it to you. If you want to take of the lock prematurely, I can send you the key combination by WhatsApp or mail. Here too, if you take it off to early you lose your 50 Euro deposit.

How it Works

I will send you the lock by PostNL service, you lock up your cock in your chastity belt and I keep the key. You will send me a picture either by WhatsApp or mail, proving you are wearing your chastity with lock. I’ll send you the key by PostNL once our time is over, so you can release yourself or you can send me a message the day before the agreed time if you want to extend.

We agree on the terms and conditions beforehand. For those seeking a bit more control, we can add some more services, like me sending used panties, or webcam proof etc. (These extra services come with extra costs which we discuss beforehand)

For an additional 15 euros, I can send you a dog tag for you to wear with your lock. That reads: property of findomme sophia since ‘’ the date of which you submitted to me’’

Keep in mind that PostNL usually takes 1-3 business days.

In case of emergency, I can send you the key by next day delivery, the additional cost of this are 24,95 euros.

Which Chastity to choose

A chastity should be comfortable, as you will be in chastity from anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Take your time to do research and choose one that suits you ( I would recommend the CB-6000, CB6000S ( for the smaller cock ) or the curve ( for the slightly bigger cock ).

If you want more advice on which chastity to choose you can book a whatsapp session €50 or a video session €70 with me so we can discuss your chastity.


Once the lock has been paid for, I will send the lock to you. Usually the same or the next working day. Extra services will be discussed up front and you will pay the agreed sum by either Banktransfer or Paypal.

Once you have received the lock and you have locked up your cock, you must sent me picture proof either by WhatsApp or by mail, including proof of date ( a newspaper or so ). You will send me a picture every week, and at the end of the agreed time before I send the key.

Prices and periods

The locks and postage & packaging cost 12 euro’s


One Week – 30 euro ‘s
Two Weeks – 50 euro ‘s
One Month – 70 euro ‘ s
Two Months – 130 euro’s

At my discretion – 100 euro’s ( this can vary from 2 weeks to 3 months ) This is the time I choose;


Round dog tag – 15 euro’s color of your choosing ( purple, pink, silver, green, black )

Prices of other amounts of time are available upon request.

Additional Prices

Depending on your kinks, I can provide you with extra tasks. As they are individual I cannot give specific prices, but we will agree upon the prices in the agreement. Task could include (but not limited to) daily/weekly pics of me ‘ tease and denial’, a short movie of me teasing you, webcam sessions, wearing a buttplug, wearing lingerie, meet up in my studio etc etc.

We can also meet in public at a bar for the key/lock up – 50 euro’s and drinks on your costs.



Keyholding Enquiry